It is easy to claim that Supreme Leader Farage is so great that he needs no idols or inspirations. But this is untrue. He was, like many of us, once a little boy with big dreams too. Powell and his ideology were this dream.

Early Life Edit

Powell was born in a cardboard box in either Scumthorpe or Skipton, beside the local branch of Poundland. From a first glance, he appeared so worthless that even Stuart Ashen disregarded him on his daily visits to the store, opting for plastic shit instead. This made Enoch sad. After days of starvation and repeated beatings from passers-by, the newborn was taken in by a rather noble man, The Great Mein Fuhrer Adolf Hitler. Hitler had taken in the child for the purposes of cooking and eating him. However, Enoch's knack for spouting casual racism, sexism and support for Liebensraum, as opposed to the typical crying of mortal babies, struck a chord with the great daddy Hitler. He took the child in and raised him upon the values of burning hatred and xenophobia, crafting the little Enoch into a right.... cunt. The biggest turning point in little Enoch's life, however, came on his 11th birthday, when Lord Hitler showed the boy hand-drawn sketches of naked men, based upon his own physique and appearance, and told the boy for the need to create the "Ubermensch". With this in mind, Enoch began his desire to populate the world with little Enoch boys and Enoch girls, even Enoch puppies and Enoch birds too. "Enoch should be everywhere", he thought.

Enoch Everywhere00:39

Enoch Everywhere

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