Fuhrer des dritten reiches by themistrunsred-d569dj3

Your picture is ready, Mein Great Führer!

Not to be confused with Adolph Hittler.

The late and great Mein Führer, Commander-General Sir. Adolf Hitler (472 BC. to 1960 AD.) was the Superme Leader of Die Third Reich: A collective of Facist Nations consisting of Nazi Germany, Spain, Austria-Hungry Hungary, The Republic of Ireland, Belgium, Belgium Prime, France and MarioWorld from 500 BC. right up to his death.

On the 20th of April 472 BC. a little baby was born in a stable in Behemoth, Israel. This baby was strangled in it's sleep by Sir. Hitler who had been born the day before at the age of 27. Hitler knew from that day on his mission in life was to murder innocent children, however, that past time had already been taken by some fucker named Herod so he settled for the extermination of Ethnic Minorities instead.

He began his campaign of muscular dominance over the lesser races in 498 BC. with the formation of the now infamous Nazai Partay. Many historians believe it was simply named the Nazi Party and they are probably right but they also happen to be Liberals and Communists so you can't trust any of the bollocks they come out with. In 499 BC. he took control over Imperial Japan but quickly found it to be a terrifying place full of Pokemons and giant tentacle monsters so he swiftly moved to Germany and ran for Commander-General. Due to the fact his only competition was a bunch of liberals and a divering idiot known only as Cromwell he took the office by a landslide (Quite literally) and got into power. Almost instantly after becoming Commander-General he enacted the Hindemburg laws which allowed for the compulsory placement of all those deemed 'Enemies of teh State' into Concentration camps (namely Jews, Bolsheviks and Homo-Erecti.) Judging that these camps were too humane he decided to constantly drop giant scorpions and decapitated baby heads into the camps to lower prisoner morale. After this infestation problem was taken care of (An Infestation of Jews, not giant scorpions, those were shipped from Bongo Bongo Land.) Hitler turned his attention to conquesting (That's a word) other nations from around the globe.

Within a year he managed...


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