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Mmmmmm... he's so dashing! Oooh!

"This is not a satirical, "what if?" page, it is true fact based on our current political climate. This page will attempt to portray, as accurately as possible to official UKIP and UKIP associated statements, what life would be like if UKIP ideology was common place. We do not appologize if we offend any moronic lefties (straight from the loony bin) within the parameters of this grand, perfect reality" - A special intoductory message from SuperDrNerd (Patriotism is like a chocolate cake; it tastes fucking good!)

A Greeting from a commoner like yourself... Edit

The Perfect UKIP Supporter (Obviously well educated, highly tuned accent): Hello, lads! UKIP is a party that never has a lazy moment! You will never see a UKIPPER kip on the job. We a good, decent people; so vote UKIP, or I'll smash your 'ead in. 

What are those twats on this wiki up to now, eh!?

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