Well, my little working class, benefit-scrounging, retarded "friends", there is a lot to learn about why voting is important in this country... For starters, you actually have a voice! A say! As big and bad as Mr. Government seems to be, he indeed allows you the freedom of having a say in the way this country is run! Isn't that amazing!? I mean, it seems a bit silly, considering the fact your people talk like "Oh- and arr - me mam sez to me that me carr is crash into pole!"; "oh, kyle me sun gerr off that porngography you gunna polute ya sisters mind and she mite get pregnant again 4 fifth time." Not a pretty voice, at all... But even you brain-dead scum are allowed a vote! So VOTE, or fuck off you smelly cunts. "Plebs" - Andrew Mitchell, 2012